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How do you clean LaCoste shoes?

I have white, mesh, LaCoste shoes. Anyway to clean them without ruining them?

How do you clean LaCoste shoes?

hmm, i have white lacoste boots and i clean with with a cotton ball and alcohol.

i clean everything like that, when its just spot cleaning or white shoes (any fabric/material).

works like no other.
Reply:Hi there, I just bought a pair of white leather Lacoste fashion boots which kinda have a mesh portion on them (but it still leather) I use %26quot;pledge%26quot; yes pledge, with extra mosturizing(and lemon oil), it%26#039;s made for leather and cleans great. However you said yours are mesh. I%26#039;m don%26#039;t think this will work for you, sorry


Tennis Shoe Wars?

I%26#039;m planning to buy a new set of tennis shoes since my Adidas barracks are really worn out. I went around the net for possible tennis shoes I could buy but most of the best are really expensive.

Adidas Barricade IV - I got the chance to see them at the local Adidas store and I must say they%26#039;re stability is awesome. The quality is the best one Ive seen on adidas (well second to the adidas porsche laceless). but very expensive.

I%26#039;m looking for a high cut , all white , no mesh , light tennis shoes around $50-80 , any suggestions? Quality and durability is the number one factor for me

Tennis Shoe Wars?
The Adidas Barricade IV%26#039;s are the best. If you want to try other ones, look at some Babolats and Nikes. I got Nikes for $60 at Sport%26#039;s Authority. Try going to a pro-shop or a Golfsmith, and if you want to look online, try
Reply:I too am a hard core tennis player. It%26#039;s interesting cuz if I had 2 offer u any tennis shoe ever made I would go w/ the Adidas Barricade IV which u already listed.

Those r the shoes I use on my high school team. I love them. The best ever made in my opinion. If you%26#039;re looking 4 something a little less expensive though, I would go w/ the Babolat tennis shoes. Those r also really nice. Good luck. :)
Reply:the Adidas barricade you mention

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Whats the best way to clean my shoes?

What is the best way to clean my NIKE Airmax 95 shoes. The grey mesh won%26#039;t get clean. Should i use some combination of bleach and laundry detergent? Maybe goo gone for grease on them?

Whats the best way to clean my shoes?
I%26#039;ve found that the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser sponges do a great job cleaning everything off tennis shoes. I%26#039;m not sure how it will do with the mesh part because none of my shoes have mesh, but it%26#039;d definitely be worth a shot. I%26#039;m a teacher and my shoes constantly get stepped on by students and the magic erasers get out all the scuffs and stains on tennis shoes that haven%26#039;t come out in the washing machine. I cut the magic eraser in half before I use it because it tends to crumble pretty fast scrubbing shoes and you don%26#039;t need to waste an entire sponge on one pair of shoes.
Reply:yes, the laundry detergent and bleach should work, it always works for me. and sometimes i use a tide-to-go pen too.
Reply:go to footlocker or finish line and ask for shoe cleaners. buy them. they do a good job and remove almost anything.

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Less than forty dollars size eleven wide width women mesh shoes, where can I find that on-line?

Less than $50 shoes.

Less than forty dollars size eleven wide width women mesh shoes, where can I find that on-line?
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They have wide width and inexpensive.
Reply:dunno, but could you post a picture of that big foot, Peggy Hill.
Reply:have you tried they have all types of shoes and widths you want at the prices you want. try and my favorite good luck


How to clean white nylon-mesh shoes?

Believe it or not, But put them on the short cycle in the dishwasher. Make sure to use the top rack.Dont let them go on the drying cycle.

How to clean white nylon-mesh shoes?
Clean shoes and baseball hats in the dishwasher---put it on air dry and go. When you take them out let them sit till dry or with the baseball hats shape by putting while wet on a coffee can.
Reply:you can use petrol for that but do not use it with a fire source it may be dangerous for your health....
Reply:dip it in hot detergent solution and leave it for about an hour or two and then thake a scrubing brush and scrub like crazy,, thats what i do to get my shoes clean %26amp; do it a bit delicately so that you dodnt spoil the shoes
Reply:Soak it with detergent and add bleaching solution.The oxidation effect of the bleaching solution will do the job for your shoes.


Whats the best breathable women's bb shoe?

have a problem with blisters, just looking for a shoe with mesh or something that allows foot to breath

Whats the best breathable women%26#039;s bb shoe?
Get a pair of nike frees™. They%26#039;re breathable, flexable,good for speed, and im pretty they come in girl shoes too. Only problem---no ankle support.

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New pair of white mesh shoes... I got them muddy what should i do?

I tried washing them with water (like from the tap) and the mud just sunk into the mesh and made it brown and crusty. No matter what i do i can%26#039;t figure out how make them look new again... but i have an idea. Today i was going to run them through the washer, but i disided to ask you ppl and see if it will work and if it will ruin the shoes. They are not ALL white there is red, blue, black, ect. if that will effect anything... and if i can run put them through the washing mashine then what setting would work the best? thnx

New pair of white mesh shoes... I got them muddy what should i do?
put them in the washer, but if they arent skeakers, just take a tide to go pen or take an old tooth brush to scrub them with soapy water
Reply:Go to a shoe fixer its that easy

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