Wednesday, April 15, 2009

How to clean white nylon-mesh shoes?

Believe it or not, But put them on the short cycle in the dishwasher. Make sure to use the top rack.Dont let them go on the drying cycle.

How to clean white nylon-mesh shoes?
Clean shoes and baseball hats in the dishwasher---put it on air dry and go. When you take them out let them sit till dry or with the baseball hats shape by putting while wet on a coffee can.
Reply:you can use petrol for that but do not use it with a fire source it may be dangerous for your health....
Reply:dip it in hot detergent solution and leave it for about an hour or two and then thake a scrubing brush and scrub like crazy,, thats what i do to get my shoes clean %26amp; do it a bit delicately so that you dodnt spoil the shoes
Reply:Soak it with detergent and add bleaching solution.The oxidation effect of the bleaching solution will do the job for your shoes.


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